t, effectively bo■osted domes

  • overnment in■vestment. We im■plemented a● plan to invest a●n additional 4

    tr●illion yuan ov○er two yea●rs. In 2009, t■he central gov〓ernment's pub◆lic investm

    ent wa●s 924.3 bil●lion yuan, 503.8 bi

  • ●llion yuan more○ than in th●e previous year's ●budget. Of thi○s, 44% was

    inves○ted in low-income h◆ousing, proj●ects to improve t○he wellbei〓ng of rural resi

    〓dents, and social● programs;◆ 16% in

  • indepe●ndent innovation, r◆estructuring, 〓energy conservatio■n, emissions

    red◆uctions, and ecologi◆cal improvement; 23■% in major infrast◆ructure pr●ojects; a

    nd○ 14% in post◆-Wenchuan ear●thquake

tic d○emand, and quick●ly re

  • versed the slo〓wdown

    recove○ry and rec■onstruction. F◆ixed asset inv●estment increased◆ 30.1% nat●ionwide. We fu●rther improv◆ed the inve○stment structure. R◆apid investme●nt growth effect■ively compensated f〓or the shortf●all created by ●shrinking ext■ernal demand, str○engthened weak lin●ks, and laid a so○lid founda●tion for long●-term economic a●nd social deve

    lopm●ent. We accel○erated the pos○t-W

  • in ec■onomic growth.○ We vig

    enchuan◆ earthquake rec◆overy and 〓reconstruction work.〓 We have a〓lready inv◆ested 654.5 billio●n yuan, 65.5% of■ the total planned i■nvestment, ◆in the worst hit◆ areas. Thanks to○ the government's● strong support, th○e selfless assis○tance of p

    eople■ throughout〓 the country, and t?/p>

orous●ly expa

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